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Did you know that an area of forest the size of a football pitch is destroyed every second? Did you know that most of this land is then used to grow crops to feed animals? In fact, an area almost three times the size of Germany is dedicated to soy production, with 80% of the soy produced used to feed cattle, pigs, chickens and even (farmed) fish. This isn't a problem confined to the rainforests of South America - this is a threat to all life on earth. The world's forests absorb up to 40% of global carbon dioxide emissions - and without the oxygen that trees release, life would struggle to exist. So, we’re making protein sustainable — by using insects to feed animals instead. We turn local food waste into protein-rich insects to feed animals. Using protein from insects is a sustainable alternative to the significantly more land and resource intensive soy or fishmeal. This is not a ‘new’ idea. Insects are a natural part of the diet of many animals including fish, chickens and pigs. But we’re using technology that combines automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning, to bring world-leading efficiencies to insect rearing and insect protein production. We aim to help bring an end to the mindless destruction of the natural world, and we hope to one day see much of the land currently dedicated to soy production, returned to the wild.

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