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How does our food affect the planet?

Learn about how food and agriculture contribute to greenhouse gas emissions, and what can be done to help


We are delighted to be presenting a stand at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition (1-7 July) and Bluedot Festival 19th - 21st July featuring:

Wind Turbines
Fresh Pickles
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Farming for the Future

Can you help us build a sustainable farm?

Finishing our plates

The 'Finishing our plates' demonstration will show how food manufacturers are making sure sustainable product development results in reducing our food waste.

Climate Food Challenge

Find out which of our food choices have the highest greenhouse gas emissions.

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Aeroponics from LettusGrow

LettUs Grow’s patent-pending technology represents a step-change in efficiency for the indoor farming sector.

Food and climate change

Test your knowledge of how what we eat contributes to global warming

Insect Proteins from Entocycle

Find out how insects could be part of a sustainable diet


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Lucy Yates

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