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Bruce Grieve

University of Manchester

Prof Bruce Grieve, Director of the e-Agri Sensors Centre
University of Manchester, Manchester, UK, is a Fellow of the Institute of Engineering & Technology, a Fellow of the Institute of Agricultural Engineers and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, and holds the N8 Chair in Agri-Sensors & Electronics. Before joining the University of Manchester, as Director of the e-Agri Sensors Centre, he gained 18 years of industrial experience with Syngenta, AstraZeneca & ICI, in the fields of on-line analysis and measurement R&D; including deployment of sensors and informatics systems within new integrated products for Sustainable Agriculture & Food. He was awarded a Royal Academy of Engineering Senior Fellowship to progress his e-Agri research at the University of Manchester and has held a number of funding board roles with UK Research Councils and the Innovate-UK (TSB), including being a nominated member of the BBSRC Agriculture & Food Security Strategy & Policy Panel and the STFC 21st Century Challenges Strategy Panel. He is is also the cofounder of the agri-sensor company Fotenix Ltd.